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The Blog: camgkl.blogspot.com
Background: In Short, this blog is mainly about promoting tourism, culture(everything about culture) and more about charity and personal view.
Founded in 2011 and started to work on in 2015 by a group of Cambodian students.
Our vision:
 * We want to see the Cambodian people find jobs related to tourism to earn income to support their family.
 * We want to see tourists happy and safe, and we also want them to share their experiences back home.
 * We want to see that our country is developed through tourism such as selling local products and services.
 * We want to see Cambodian art and culture are spread to people around the world and become a knowledge resource. Our mission:
 * Provide our readers as much information as possible and are accurate, we'll be talking to many different people from tourism industries and to older people in the areas for history and find books in library to make sure our contents are valuable.
 * For local people, such as people who works relatively to tourism industries, help them to improve their services. For artists, we want to help promote their art works.
 * Find sponsors, donors, supporters to help support our mission.
 * Support education tools to kids in the country side and help to access to education as we love education.
 *We're also looking in to helping elderly people who are poor and unable to work and those who has no home and more... We need your help to support our missions: ---- We need support in term of fund to
* support the blogging process
* support charity: education for kids by helping them to access schools and give them study materials. it's very difficult to look at hungers, especially elderly people, most of them can't earn enough to survive...
*support a few materials like a good camera for taking pictures of our traveling and charity purpose. We can help ourselves with online stuff so don't worry. :)
*support us by sharing your ideas or experience about your traveling, doing charity or even blogging. We also need your feedback. Why help us? First let's be friends with us in real.
We are still students but we love our country and our people, so we want to do something for them.
We discussed about it and " Let's make it real, this is awesome" then it comes up with this idea and it's what we are working on now. Come meet us when you think there is a chance that you can give to us, we love to be friends with you too.
Don't hesitate to read about us and say hi to us! Please note: we are not organization, we are individuals with effort, commitment and passion. Sovann I am Sovann, born and raised in Battambang. I am a university student in the faculty of Information Technology and English.
* What I am interested in: tourism, technology, peace, freedom
* Vision in life: people find jobs to and all kids can go to school
* My commitment here: I'll be writing more about many more places as when I have supports for traveling and learn about those places.
I hope to share you with the newest updates of the city and to hear from you about your experiences and feedback.
Your visit of this blog means everything to me :D please come visit again

contact me via email or my facebook sovanncth
Thank you :)